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We also run Jewellery and Feltmaking courses in rural Herefordshire.

Welcome to Bryncurl Workshops   

We run craft courses in feltmaking and jewellery making and often a combination of both !

Cupkits, which are available to buy through this site, have been developed in conjunction with the craft courses we run.

The Jewellery Courses and Feltmaking Courses are run by Tori Sutherland, a Jeweller, Silversmith and qualified Art and Design Teacher. Tori has always been very interested in textiles and has successfully mastered the art of feltmaking, which she now combines with her Jewellery and also creates felt landscapes which she exhibits in galleries and during h-Art (Herford Art Week - September annually).


Tori's Jewellery and Feltmaking skills, along with the experience gained from running courses and some assistance from Richard (Tori's Husband) a product designer, have led to the development of cupkits - a jewellery kit cleverly packaged in a vibrant, fun looking cup.  We are currently launching these into the retail market, and welcome any trade enquiries.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a relatively new material developed in Japan (another known brand is Artclay). This incredible, putty like substance can be moulded, shaped, rolled, painted like a paste and have texture applied. The magical part is when it is fired to remove the binding agents to leave Fine Silver. Tori is an accredited PMC instructor, and has the skills to guide you through the design and making processes on the PMC Courses, to create a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Bryncurl Workshops is based in the beautiful Herefordshire / Welsh Borders, and the one day courses are run from a purpose built, light and airy studio. There are plenty of good B& B's nearby, so that you can enjoy a creative break and take in some of the surroundings.